Tackling Learner Differences

In this hands-on course we will discuss questions like: How can we differentiate learning levels? and How can we integrate the different pupils in our classroom? Looking at practical ways to inspire the pupils.

Teachers with pupils from 5th to 9th class (11-17 years old).

Be presented with ways of supporting your differentiating challenges, using hands-on practical ideas and activities to stimulate your pupils of all levels.

As teachers, we are faced with more and more challenges in our classroom. The differentiation gap between the able and less able pupils seems to be getting wider, creating frustration for both the learners and the teacher. At the same time, the pupils are being tested at a younger age and expectations for English are higher than ever before.
Our mission as English teachers is to keep the pupils inspired, so that English gets absorbed in a fun, active and relevant way.
In this course we will be considering the following questions:

What kind of activities can we integrate in our lessons, in order to stimulate the gifted pupils, at the same time meeting the needs of the less gifted pupils?
How can we differentiate learning levels in English teaching?
How can we integrate the different pupils in our classroom?
How can we differentiate our teaching without feeling stressed?
How can we keep our pupils inspired to learn?
Join us for a stimulating day of discussion and hands-on activities, where we share our experiences and go home with fresh ideas and inspiration.

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Center for Undervisningsmidler Bornholm ved Maiken Adelsten.


ons 22/01/2020 - 10:00 til 16:00

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Sarah Nakel

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Onsdag d. 22. januar 2020 kl. 10:00 til 16:00

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