The learning and development of the learner (73600C)

10 ECTS, language: English

This module provides an introduction to psychological perspectives on pupils’ academic, social and personal development. The module comprises the following three areas of study:

Developmental psychology

  • Knowledge of how relations and interactions (child-parent, pupil-pupil and teacher-pupil) influence development, attachment, play and learning
  • Moral and social development
  • Self-concept, identity and personality


  • Knowledge of how interaction (pupil-pupil and teacher-pupil) influences learning
  • Learning difficulties and special needs
  • Motivation
  • Classroom culture


  • Knowledge of how to communicate, cooperate and work in groups
  • Theories on group dynamics, social structures, exclusion and inclusion, conflict management and bullying
  • Insight to and practice with conflict management tools and prevention of bullying

The teaching method in class varies between lectures, group work, discussions and case-analysis.


The module is offered at Campus Carlsberg in both autumn and spring semester.


International coordinators are requested to nominate their students by sending an e-mail to International Coordinator Sabine Lam,

Further information and an access to an online application form will be sent to nominated students.

Deadlines for application

Spring Semester 2020
Students who need a study visa: October 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: November 1st

Autumn Semester 2020
Students who need a study visa: April 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: May 1st

Semester Dates

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