Visual literacy

10 ECTS, Language: English

What does it take to acquire visual literacy? In this course, we will communicate with images in a social and societal context. Students will plan, practice and evaluate educational visual art projects in the course and with schoolchildren. They will work with the notion of visual culture and learn how to use images in all disciplines at schools.            

The European Network for Visual Literacy (ENVIL) has just finished their investigation of Visual Literacy in six different European countries with the thorough report: Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy- prototype. We will compare parts of this work with the British Prof. Anne Bamfords Visual Literacy White Paper and the Australian Jon Callows Principles for assessing Visual Literacy, based on the Learning to Read tradition.


The module is offered at Campus Carlsberg in both autumn and spring semester.


International coordinators are requested to nominate their students by sending an e-mail to International Coordinator Sabine Lam,

Further information and an access to an online application form will be sent to nominated students.

Deadlines for application

Autumn Semester 2018
Students who need a study visa: April 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: May 1st

Spring Semester 2019
Students who need a study visa: October 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: November 1st

Semester Dates Spring 2019

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