English language teaching: Language awareness

10 ECTS points. Language of instruction: English.

In this module the following issues will be addressed: What is language? What is interlanguage? What is the aim of foreign language teaching? How is language described? How and why are language elements taught?

Focusing on communicative competences in the academic subject “English” in the Danish Primary and Lower Secondary School and in teacher education, this module also deals with approaches to language teaching. In-depth analysis of language samples will be central; e.g. target language forms, early stage interlanguage and more advanced interlanguage development.

The module comprises practical and theoretical work with:

  • Describing and analyzing interlanguage in relation to the target language English as a global Lingua Franca, including linguistic variants
  • Language description and analysis comprising form, meaning and usage on various levels from context to detail
  • The students’ own language and the role of being a language model including the students’ use of appropriate meta-language aimed at various target groups
  • The use of various types of tools and analytical models for analyzing and describing language

The student’s own mastery of English in relation to the target areas of the module is continually developed and assessed.


The module is offered at Campus Carlsberg in both autumn and spring semester.


International coordinators are requested to nominate their students by sending an e-mail to International Coordinator Sabine Lam, lu-international@kp.dk

Further information and an access to an online application form will be sent to nominated students.

Deadlines for application

Spring Semester 2020
Students who need a study visa: October 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: November 1st

Autumn Semester 2020
Students who need a study visa: April 1st
Students who do not need a study visa: May 1st

Semester Dates

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