Fairytales and Creative Storytelling in education

20 + 30 ECTS.

In the land of Hans Christian Andersen, this course encourages the student to explore and discover the values of the unique Danish fairytale and creative storytelling field through an arts-based, theoretical, motivating and experiential learning approach. This full-time course is both theoretical and creative and comprises a variety of academic, didactic and experiential hands-on subjects and study activities with an overall focus on developing unique and relevant creative storytelling and arts-based competences in an urban study environment.

  • Literature, psychology and philosophy
  • Puppet theatre, drama and storytelling performances
  • Digital and virtual storytelling
  • Arts, puppet-making and stage design
  • Musical narratives and storytelling
  • Nordic view on gender issues and children’s and young people’s perspectives
  • Excursions to Hans Christian Andersen places of interest and another Nordic country
  • Practical placement in a uniquely Danish pedagogical institution or school
  • Social innovation and entrepreneurship through arts and creativity (last 10 ECTS)


Semester dates, spring 2019

Semester dates, autumn 2018

Application deadline - Spring

Application deadline - Autumn