Childhood in a Nordic perspective - in a Danish setting

Play – Movement, Nature and Outdoor Education. 20 or 30 ECTS. Language: English.

UCC offers an academic course in Childhood in a Nordic Perspective, which focuses on play, movement and experimental work related to a variety of environments. The course will treat these topics both theoretically and practically. The course content is based on three disciplines, Natural Science, Physical education and Outdoor Education, which connect to the long tradition in the Nordic countries of youth outdoor education. We focus on play, learning by doing, experience and experiential knowledge. Discover how children learn and develop through activities that integrate play, movement, nature, sustainability and outdoor education in a Nordic pedagogical tradition.

The course includes a study tour to Norway, during which we will focus on outdoor education in the Norwegian nature and landscape.

Sustainable living

  • Insight into childhood from a Nordic perspective and the Nordic welfare model
  • Experience and competency in learning through working with play, movement, nature and outdoor education
  • Experience and competency in organising didactic courses and activities for children
  • Knowledge about and experiences in the intercultural and dialogic classroom

Study Methods

The course comprises different study methods, including lecturers, classroom dialogue, activities, hands-on training, experiential knowledge, reflective practice, self-directed group work, individual work, text reading, field study, paper-writing and presentations.


The course runs from the beginning of September to either the end of November (20 ECTS) or to the end of January (30 ECTS). We recommend that students complete PartTwo as a distant learning unit and return just before Christmas.

Students must decide whether they wish to follow the course for 20 ECTS or 30 ECTS when they apply for the course.

Academic requirements

The course is designed to offer a full-time study programme for students at Early Childhood at Social education and Teachers education. Interested students from other related academic areas are also welcome to apply. Students must have completed 2 years at BA level before entering the course and have a high level of English language competence. Students must be prepared to participate in various outdoor activities.


Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Semester dates, autumn 2018

Application deadline