Master of Psychomotor Therapy

Do you want to professionalize your occupational and therapeutic skills as a psychomotor therapy professional at a Master’s degree level?

You will be the professional who uses the body and movement in therapy and convinces ones environment of its importance. You will acquire a professional attitude at a Master’s level and learn about the broader contexts of psychosocial and psychiatric issues. The degree programme broadens your professional knowledge and teaches you how to implement research results into your daily practice. This programme is taught in cooperation with partners VIA University College and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Holland.

Who can apply?

The English-language Master’s programme of Psychomotor Therapy (PMT) is intended for Danish and Dutch psychomotor therapists with a Bachelor PMT or
equivalent PMT degree. If you want to follow the full Master's programme, you have to meet an employment requirement. You can also opt to follow separate courses of the Master's programme.

Programme content

The programme content is based on a model of competence-based learning leading to learning outcomes at a Master’s degree level which focus on the following
three aspects:

  • Psychomotor Therapeutic skills;
  • Professional leadership;
  • Practice based research.

At the start of your Master's programme, you will formulate a number of personal learning questions from your daily practice as learning goals. You will link these
goals to the professional competences of the Master’s programme, thereby creating direct interaction between your work situation and the Master's programme. In this way, you effortlessly integrate your acquired knowledge and skills into your own practice.

Our Master's degree programme helps you develop into a professional therapist at the Master’s degree level. After graduation, you will know better how to substantiate your psychomotor interventions theoretically, show professional leadership in example by developing PMT products, and set-up and conduct practice based research.

Planning your degree

As a regular student doing the full degree programme, you can complete this Master’s programme in two years. Alternatively, you can choose to attend individual
Master’s degree courses, paying for each one separately. This enables you to spread your full study load and the costs involved, or to do only certain 1st-year courses as a retraining or refresher training programme. Admission requirements are set for each course separately.

Further information

You can read more about the contents of the programme, what skills you will learn along the way and practical information regarding application, admission etc. at the website of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences:

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