Visa and residence permit

Do you need a visa to study in Denmark?

All EU nationals and EEA citizens (those from Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) can study for up to 3 months without visa at KP. If you wish to stay longer, you have to apply for an EU residence document before the end of the 3 months. This can be done in Denmark after arrival.

If you are not an EU national or an EEA citizen, you will need an entry visa to enter Denmark. Foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Denmark and who intend to stay for more than 3 months must apply for a student residence permit prior to arriving in Denmark. To find out if you need a visa, please refer to the link ‘Do I need a visa?’ in the fact box.

How to apply for a residence permit

If you need to apply for a residence permit as a student in Denmark, both you and KP must supply information in order to process your application. The application form contains a detailed description of how you and KP must complete the form and which documents you must attach. To see the application form (ST1), please refer to the link in the fact box.

When you have been accepted by KP, you will receive:

  1. a letter of acceptance together with
  2. a link and password to an online ST1 application form by e-mail

KP will have filled out part 2 of the application and you must fill out part 1 and submit the entire application as soon as possible.

Please be aware that the turnaround time for visas can be up to 90 working days from the date the application form is submitted and paid for.

If you live far away from Danish diplomatic representation, please take into account the time it takes to obtain your passport once your visa has been issued.

Case order ID and Fees

To get a residence permit, you must create a case order ID.

After receiving your case order ID, you can either go directly to payment, or you can choose to pay the fee at a later point. You are not obliged to pay the fee because you have created a case order ID. However, you must pay the fee before submitting an application.

If you have any questions about your visa application, please contact us at