The KP Way of Studying

At KP you can study at the Bachelor Degree level. For more information about the Danish education system, please visit the website

If you wish to study at University College KP, we expect you to have studied at a similar level at your home institution. We also expect you to have finished your first year before you come to KP for a study period or practice placement.

Please note: KP only offers full degree study programmes in Danish.

Teaching and learning

At KP we value independent thinking, collaboration, analytical rigour and self-expression. The learning environment is informal and driven by the exchange of ideas. Teaching is based on a mixture of lectures and active student class participation through dialogue, questions and discussions. The KP way of studying involves studying independently as well as attending lectures and taking part in group work with your fellow students.

Study programmes are generally supported by 10–20 hours of classes per week. As well as this, students work with cooperative learning processes, including study groups, experiments and practical investigative projects.

Placements – supervision and guidance

Placements of various kinds play an important role in the teaching and learning process in all the programmes at KP. Placements are generally organised by KP and supervised and guided. Students are also assessed based on written projects conducted from placement activities. Depending on the programme and the year, placements can last between five weeks and six months. The experience and data students gain from their placements will often feed into classroom teaching at KP.

Assessment and exams

International courses often contain continuous, internal and informal assessments, such as feedback on written reports. All international courses will conclude with a final assessment or assignment.