To protect yourself against unnecessary costs, KP strongly recommends that you take out adequate insurance from your home country while studying in Denmark. KP cannot be held liable in the event of accidents, theft, or loss of property.

The following insurance coverage is highly recommended:

  • Third-party liability insurance (‘ansvarsforsikring’) – covers expenses if you have to pay compensation to another person
  • Accident insurance (‘ulykkesforsikring’) – covers the financial consequences of an accident
  • Home insurance (‘indboforsikring’) – covers the cost of replacing the personal belongings in your home
  • Car insurance (‘bilforsikring’) – If you bring a car to Denmark, please make sure it is properly insured. If you decide to take out Danish car insurance, try contacting some of the larger insurance companies. Their websites are in English
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance (may share elements with the above mentioned insurance types)

For further information about insurance, please see the Study in Denmark website:

To learn more about emergency help, healthcare and safety in Denmark, please refer to the fact box.

In an emergency, dial 112.