University College UCC makes great efforts to provide accommodation for as many international students as possible, but due to a shortage of housing in the greater Copenhagen area, UCC cannot guarantee accommodation to all incoming international students. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you also begin to look for accommodation on your own.

1. Accommodation through UCC

The application for accommodation is included in your application for studies at UCC. You will receive an e-mail shortly after the application deadline with information about the accommodation process. Since UCC has a limited amount of rooms, UCC Accommodation will send one accommodation offer per student only. If you reject the accommodation offer, or if you miss the deadlines for completing the process, the room will be offered to another student on the waiting list and you cannot expect to receive another offer from UCC.

Accommodation in the fall semester

The accommodation process takes place from mid-May until mid-June with arrival in late August or early September.

Accommodation in the spring semester

The accommodation process takes place from mid-November until Mid-January with arrival in late January or early February.


2. Find accommodation on your own        

We encourage all international students to look for accommodation themselves, but please be aware of fraudulent adverts. Study the following advice carefully:

  • Check the address at before signing a tenancy agreement or paying a deposit or rent to a private landlord.
  • Please be absolutely certain that both the landlord and the address exist before entering into any tenancy lease.
  • Make sure that you are able to register officially at the address (Folkeregisteradresse).



In general, housing in Copenhagen is expensive. Whether you find a place to stay yourself or you apply for a room through UCC Accommodation, rental prices range from DKK 3.000 to 5.000 per month for a single room. If you wish to stay in the centre of Copenhagen, prices will most likely be higher.

The cost of living in a dorm is between DKK 15.300 and DKK 24.000 for a whole semester.  


Incoming international students will be accommodated in private homes, dorms, or shared housing. We strive to provide accommodation as close to the host institution as possible, but you should expect to spend some time commuting. Commute times up to one hour in the Greater Copenhagen area are not unusual. Commuting expenses can easily amount to DKK 1.300 per month.

Housing Anywhere

UCC is a partner of, an international student housing platform. You can find and book a student room via their website at  Using the platform itself is completely free for you as a student, but, if you make a concrete booking, an administrative fee will be charged as a part of Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system.

Other resources for finding accommodation yourself

The official Study in Denmark website provides a list of online resources for finding student accommodation in Denmark. UCC does not officially endorse any of the sites listed on the Study in Denmark website, but they are very popular for finding accommodation and some of them are in English.