Policy for Research and Development

The UCC Research and Development Policy proactively positions UCC in an international context. The University College is characterised by the approach that up-to-date knowledge is no longer merely a national, regional or local matter but is strongly imbedded in an international context.

UCC strives to contribute to the knowledge economy by identifying, studying and solving the problem areas characterising a modern welfare society.

UCC will provide valuable Applied Research that contributes to the Danish welfare society by developing the professional bachelor degrees and post-graduate studies as well as the related working fields.

The cornerstone in all UCC research and development activities is the so called Knowledge Triangle. The knowledge Triangle refers to the interaction between Education, Research and Practice.

UCC engages in innovative forms of sharing and disseminating new knowledge considering a broad variety of communication platforms and media habits.

The Policy is implemented through specific strategies. Two main strategies are on one hand the realisation of three Research and Development Programmes and on the other hand the strengthening of research competencies of the employees. The latter including improved access to Ph.D programmes in collaboration with the universities.