BA Teacher Education

The BA in Teacher Education at UCC offers an open and inviting study environment both academically and socially. The teaching incorporates different methods, including group work, innovative project work, discussions and lectures, and its primary focus is to provide you with the skills to plan both the academic as well as the educational (learning environment) aspects of your future teaching.

Our full degree programme at bachelor/graduate level is taught in Danish. If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, you may study our full degree programme. For more information on the full degree programme, see our Danish website, Read more about study options in English.

The BA in Teacher Education is taught in two locations:

The Danish teacher education programme (Bachelor education programme for primary and lower secondary schools) underwent a major reform in 2012, which came into effect in the autumn of 2013. This reform aims to significantly improve the academic and professional level of the programme. Among other things, the reform includes stricter admission requirements as well as a new programme structure based on flexible modules and a competence-based curriculum.

Study environment

The Teacher Education Campus Carlsberg is situated in the new Carlsberg City District in Central Copenhagen. The new Campus Carlsberg is one of the largest study and research environments within the field of education in Northern Europe and offers state of the art facilities for both students and staff. 

The Teacher Education Bornholm is a smaller educational environment located on the island of Bornholm.