Bachelor's Degree Programmes

UCC offers professional bachelor degree programmes to people who wish to work in the health and social services sectors. We give our students the skills to teach, coach and take care of others. UCC’s seven professional bachelor degrees address professions in the fields of teaching, social education, health and communication. Each programme consists of theoretical and practical components and lasts either three and a half or four years. The practical components always take the form of internships or training placements at a workplace.

University College UCC provides professional bachelor degree programmes in the fields of:

All our bachelor degree programmes are taught in Danish. University College UCC offers a range of courses in English, French, and German. Read more about international courses at Study at UCC.

At UCC, all bachelor degrees integrate theory and practice in coherent educational programmes. These study programmes follow national legislation and regulations, and, to ensure regional relevance, their organisation, content and theoretical and methodological approaches are also adapted at local level by academic staff in cooperation with local and regional stakeholders. All bachelor degree programmes are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).