BA Danish Sign Language Interpreting

As a sign language interpreter you will work with language and communication in close cooperation with other people. You will learn not only to interpret from one language to another - you will get an insight into the ethics of interpreting, linguistic minorities and especially the culture of deaf and deafblind and their living conditions.

A bachelor's degree in sign language takes 3½ years and qualifies you to interpret between deaf and hearing. The study program also includes several internships.

In order to study sign language at UCC a full knowledge of Danish (level: mother tongue) is required as the teaching languages is Danish and Danish sign language. For more information on the full degree programme, see our Danish website,

Future career opportunities
As a graduate interpreter you will have many career opportunities - e.g. working in a local interpreting company, at a regional division of a national interpreting center or maybe start your own company.

The role of the interpreter is challenging and varied. Therefore, we focus on preparing you for your future job as an interpreter e.g. by exposing you to different challenging situations such as births, family celebrations, oral examinations or police interrogations.

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If you are fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, see our Danish website,

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer any study options in Sign Language Interpreting in English.