Visual Studies and Learning Design (ViLD)

UCC er medarrangør, når forskningscenteret ViLD inviterer til en temadag om visuelle udtryksformer og digital kunst. Arrangementet foregår på engelsk.

This will be a day to explore the role and functions of the visual in our perception of reality.

New digital technologies create and make use of a broad variety of visualisations. Art works provoke us to see things differently. Knowledge in new visual forms promotes new insights. By engaging in ‘mixing visual realities’ as a theme, we want to explore diverse arenas where images provide experiences beyond the traditional divisions in reality and non-reality.

Our programme takes you on a journey where you will meet professionals working with diverse aspects of mixing realities through visuality.

The morning programme offers workshops that are open to all who want to explore the visuals’ potential for knowledge generation. You will have the opportunity to participate in two workshops.

The afternoon programme aims to:

  • Inspire researchers and/or professionals to find collaboration partners across domains of visual expertise by participating in a ‘speed dating’ session.
  • Engage those interested in learning more about how to become friends of ViLD, or possibly ambassadors of ViLD, exploring the visual’s potential for knowledge generation.


Throughout the meeting day, professionals from different domains will be present, showing their work with mixing visual realities. Further introductions will follow on Facebook ahead of the event.

Please indicate which two workshops you wish to participate in – we will try to accommodate your wishes whenever possible.



9.30 – 10.00: Arrival

10.00–10.15: Welcome speeches

  • Mie Buhl, Head of Visual Studies and Learning Design (ViLD), Aalborg University, Copenhagen
  • Erik Knudsen, Rector, University College Lillebaelt, Odense

10.15–12.30: Workshops/hands-on/test-lab (see presentation details below): 

  • TED-ED online education
  • The Children of Abraham
  • Playful programming
  • Virtual reality for visual learning

12.30–13.15: Lunch

13.15–14.45: ‘Explorarium’: Facilitated exchange of ideas and potential collaborations

13.15–14.45: Becoming a ‘ViLD’-er: Wrapping up and tying knots

14.45–15.00: Coffee break

15.00–15.30: Keynote: Pauline Asingh: Look at and take part in History – Moesgaard engaging with digital technologies, Leading Curator and Head of Section, Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus

15.30–16.00 Good bye and see you next year. Networking


Workshop 1: TED-ED online education

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

During this workshop, teacher and science mediator Henrik Malmgren, from The Animation Workshop, will introduce participants to a current cooperation with TED-ED, the world’s leading online video education platform. The presentation focuses on the production of animation as a tool for the dissemination and distribution of knowledge, scientific experiments, theories and complex problems representing a number of contemporary research topics. Workshop participants will be presented with short exercises that lead into the mindset behind visual dissemination and the co-production process between animator and science mediator. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce participants to the potential of animation and production, both as a tool for the dissemination of knowledge and as a method for the further development of their own practice within teaching and education

Workshop 2: The Children of Abraham  

Hosted by UC Lillebaelt

The sculpture The Children of Abraham is an art and dialogue project by artist Jens Galschiøt. The project focuses on religious fundamentalism and is based on 600 quotes that show the bright and dark sides of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The sculpture was the starting point for the development of a cross-disciplinary teaching course that is being tested while the sculpture is exhibited in Vejle in autumn 2017. The workshop presents and discusses how its visuality and meaning may provide cross-disciplinary learning processes in secondary schools. 

Workshop 3: Playful programming

Hosted by Aalborg University/University of Southern Denmark, The Maersk McKinney Moller Institute

Programming is a creative endeavour. This workshop concentrates on playful programming applications (such as Scratch, Micro:Bits and Ozobot) for children and young people. When engaging with these tools, young programmers often need to animate, draw, create patterns or ‘read’ visuals. Through this workshop, we look into playful approaches to programming to explore how visuals help us to understand what is going on in a program – and when more visuals would be beneficial to help understand the concepts of programming. Programming experience is NOT required to participate!

Workshop 4: Virtual reality for visual learning in different domains

Hosted by Aalborg University

Virtual reality (VR) technology facilitates a visual experience that goes beyond 2D and 3D. This workshop focuses on how VR may be used for visual learning experiences in diverse domains (e.g., medicine or the arts). We will discuss how the visual experiences from VR are actually different from video experiences when it comes to learning and how video for VR experiences can be made. The purpose of the workshop is to try out ideas for visual learning using VR technologies.


Introduction to ‘Explorarium’ 13.15–14.45

The Explorarium will facilitate meetings and collaborations between participants who are interested in developing works together – either research and/or development projects. The session will bring together ideas derived from the morning sessions and enhance the synergy between different areas of expertise.


Introduction to Becoming a ViLDer 13.15–14.45

ViLD cordially welcomes participants who feel strongly about promoting a focus on visual learning and experience. The session introduces participants to the activities ViLD has to offer and explains how to be involved. ViLD welcomes good ideas for how to set a visual agenda for education and research on both the national and international levels.

Praktiske oplysninger


Torsdag d. 16. november 2017 kl.
10:00 til 16:00

Arrangementet er afholdt


UC Lillebælt
Niels Bohrs Allé 1
5230 Odense


100 kr.


  • Konferencer


Henrik Marxen

University College Lillebælt 

Mie Buhl

Head of Visual Studies and Learning Design (ViLD), Aalborg Universitet